The third phase of the iterative Contaminated Land Assessment may be required to further address environmental problems identified during the Site Investigation phase and from the subsequent Risk Assessment.  SEC has the experience and knowledge to design and implement site specific remedial solutions to address all relevant pollutant linkages and implement cost effective remedial action plans.

As every site is unique in terms of its characteristics and contaminants present, SEC believe that comprehensive characterisation of each individual site is a vital part of any remedial strategy.  This could involve for example further delineation of contamination hot spots, further soil sampling and chemical analysis or additional monitoring.  These actions enable SEC to assess the available remedial options and recommend the most suitable techniques for a particular site.

A wide range of remediation techniques are available.  An appropriate remedial strategy would be selected based on a number of factors including the cost of the technique, the project timescale, the proposed end use of the site, the environmental sensitivity of the site and the nature and type of the contaminants and their distribution.

The remedial strategy that is adopted for a site is designed and fully documented within a site specific Remediation Method Statement (RMS).  SEC can produce this document which sets out the processes to be employed, targets to be achieved, how the site will be validated and monitoring requirements.  Other issues such as environmental impacts (noise, odour etc) and health and safety are also considered and explained with details of the relevant mitigation measures within the Remedial Method Statement.  The Remedial Method Statement is submitted to the Regulators and Planners for approval prior to commencement of any site works.

During and following the conduct of remedial works SEC will carry out remedial validation which typically includes the collection of samples and the appropriate documentation to ensure that the project meets with the approval of the regulators and that site sign-off is obtained.

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