Through our long term association with TankSafe Ltd, we at Sevenoaks Environmental Consultancy are pleased to offer a complete certified storage tank and pipeline decommissioning service.

This service is normally required in association with either 1) achieving the surrender of a petroleum license or 2) satisfying environmental conditions at a site prior to redevelopment and offers our customers the opportunity to overcome the often difficult problem of appropriately removing from service (decommissioning) redundant oil and fuel related assets in a safe and environmentally friendly way at a fraction of the cost usually associated with such programmes.

This we are able to do through the careful coordination of;

In brief, Bacel® Hardfoam is manufactured on site and has the ability to completely fill disused assets. It has a relatively short hardening time and can even be applied underwater. Bacel® Hardfoam is lightweight (circa 30 - 50kg/m3), is solvent free, non toxic, non flammable, absorbent and rot resistant to most chemical substances.

Bacel® Hardfoam is available in a wide range of strengths offering structural resistance to loads between 22 - 90 KN/m2,, thereby normally allowing the asset to be left in place, or even cut through (e.g. for services) using methods not possible where other materials have been used as fill.

Furthermore, should the filed asset require removal at some later date for whatever reason then this would be possible (due to the lightweight nature of foam) with much greater ease than if more traditional filling methods (such as cementitous products) were to have been used.

However, should disused assets (in part or in their entirety) require complete removal, rather than being decommissioned in-situ, to make way for proposed development then we are also able to offer this service together with appropriate and certified degassing and disposal of tank and any contents.

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