Recent years have seen an increase in Environmental Legislation, both nationally and from Europe. This has enforced changes in methods of regulation by the Environment Agency and other Government Agencies and meant that some business sectors are now subject to tighter regulation and control and all sectors face the prospect of significant financial penalties for non compliance.

During this time Environmental Management Systems have evolved to help companies meet the challenge. Environmental Management System standards like ISO 14001 and EMAS have been widely taken up by large companies. The next ten years will see the spread of the implementation of such systems across varied business sectors and within smaller companies.

All companies are different. We specialise in the development of management systems that suit the individual needs of the Client and that are effective and efficient. These systems can lead to economic advantage and improved environmental performance.

Employee training in these systems is vital to their successful implementation. Training courses are tailored for all levels of personnel, from executive briefings and all employee awareness training, to cascade training that has the ability to empower employees to implement these systems to their full advantage. Training has the ability to unlock your greatest asset - your employees.

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